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Lottery Sambad Night Result 08:00 PM 27th Nov 2019

Lottery Sambad Night Result 08:00 PM 27-11-2019 is posted above with all details in it. This result is the 3rd and last result of the day which draw from Nagaland State. Nagaland State lotteries draw this result right at 08:00 PM. We list this result on this website daily right after its official draw. Nagaland state lotteries draw this result and publishes it in the Sambad newspaper and you can find this result on their official site too. We are here to provide you this result right on time daily through this website www.lotterysambadtodayresult.info. Today they are going to draw Nagaland State lotteries Dear Eagle Evening Result. Every Wednesday night they draw Dear Eagle Evening result and we list this result after its draw without wasting any time. Nagaland state lotteries are very famous in this state and lots of people try their luck in this lottery on daily basis.

Lottery Sambad Today Result

Lottery Sambad Today Result 08:00 PM 27-11-2019 has different money prizes to win. We are going to list this result with all details about lucky number and money prizes. Its first prize is 50 lakhs INR which is a huge amount. Its 2nd and third prize will be 9000 & 500 respectively. And there are lots of other money prizes as well. This lottery has a big fan following. People love this lottery and bet in this lottery daily. In this lottery system your luck matter a lot. But consistency is also very important factor to win. So keep trying your luck in this lottery system and keep visiting this website for latest results. Today result of lottery sambad is important for the people of nagaland state and so many people win different amount through this results daily. You can check these details in the resulting image.

If you have some experience and want to share with others to help new comers then please comment it below or you can disscuss any thing about this lottery system through our forum page.