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Lottery Sambad Today Morning Result 11:55 AM 22 March 2020

Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM 22-03-2020

Sikkim State Lottery Result 11:55 AM is the first result of the day which is known as Lottery Sambad Morning Result. This result daily draws from Sikkim state at 11:55 AM and we list this result daily right after its official draw on this website www.lotterysambadtodayresult.info. We are here to provide you these results right on time. Sikkim state lotteries are not just limited to the Sikkim state but lots of people from India participate in this lottery. Lottery Sambad Today’s result will be posted in this post with the latest updates and information about lottery Sambad. This lottery is the largest lottery in India in terms of participants. Most of the players bet in this lottery on a daily basis. As we know lottery Sambad daily draw three results from three different states and Lottery Sambad 11:55 AM is one of them which draws daily from Sikkim State with different names. Its different names and days details are given below.

DayResult Name
SundayDear Love Morning Result
MondayDear Respect Morning Result
TuesdayDear Admire Morning Result
WednesdayDear Cherished Morning Result
ThursdayDear Precious Morning Result
FridayDear Treasure Morning Result
SaturdayDear Valuable Morning Result

Lottery Sambad Today Result

This image shows the schedule of lottery sambad morning result

Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM 22-03-2020 are listed above with all details about lucky numbers and its money prizes in a simple image. You can easily check the result online here and you can download it to share it with others. Lottery Sambad Today Morning Result has different money prizes to win and you get these details daily from the resulting image. Its first prizes will be 50 Lakhs INR which is the main prize money of Lottery Sambad Today Result. Its 2nd prize will be 9000 INR and 3rd prize will be 500 INR. Lottery Sambad Morning Result’s 4th prize will be 250 and lots of prizes of 1000 rupees. You can get its ticket in just 6 rupees and you can purchase it from anywhere in India. If you are facing any hurdle then you can create a topic in the forum. And if you missed any past result then you can find it on our old result page.